AA(Application Architecture:適用処理体系)

ACID(Atomicity Consistency Isolation Durability)

AC(Actual Cost:実コスト)

ADSL(Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line:非対称デジタル加入者線)

AES(Advanced Encryption Standard)

Ajax(Asynchronous JavaScript+XML)

ALU(Arithmetic Logic Unit:算術論理演算装置)

ANSI(American National Standards Institute:米国規格協会)

API(Application Program Interface)

ARP(Address Resolution Protocol:アドレス解決プロトコル)

ASP(Application Service Provider)


BA(Business Architecture:政策・業務体系)

BCM(Business Continuity Management:事業継続管理)

BCP(Business Continuity Plan(ning):事業継続計画)

BIOS(Basic Input/Output System)

BNF(Backus-Naur Form:バッカス・ナウア記法)記法

bps(bits per second)

BSC(Balanced Score Card)


CAD(Computer Aided Design:製品設計支援システム)

CAE(Computer Aided Engineering)

CAM(Computer Aided Manufacturing:生産活動支援システム)

CA(Certificate Authority:認証局)

CD(Compact Disc)

CEO(Chief Executive Officer:最高経営責任者)

CGI(Common Gateway Interface)

CIO(Chief Information Officer:最高情報責任者)

CISC(Complex Instruction Set Computer)

CMDB(Configuration Management DataBase:構成管理データベース)

CMS(Configuration Management System:構成管理システム)

COCOMO(Constructive Cost Model)

CORBA(Common Object Request Broker Architecture)

CPU(Central Processing Unit:中央処理装置)

CRM(Customer Relationship Management:顧客関係管理)

CSMA/CD(Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection)方式

CSRF(Cross Site Request Forgeries)攻撃

CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility:企業の社会的責任)

CSS(Cascading Style Sheet)

CTO(Chief Technology Officer:最高技術責任者)

CUI(Character User Interface)


DA(Data Architecture:データ体系)

DBMS(DataBase Management System:データベース管理システム)

DDL(Data Definition Language:データ定義言語)

DDoS(Distributed Denial of Service)

DES(Data Encryption Standard)

DFD(Data Flow Diagram)

DHCP(Dynamic Host Configration Protocol)


DLP(Discrete Logarithm Problem:離散対数問題)

DMA(Direct Memory Access)

DML(Data Manipulation Language:データ操作言語)

DMZ(De-Militarized Zone:非武装地帯)

DNS(Domain Name System)

DOM(Document Object Model)

DoS(Denial of Service:サービス拒否)攻撃

DRAM(Dynamic Random Access Memory)

DVD(Digital Versatile Disc)


EA(Enterprise Architecture:エンタープライズアーキテクチャ)

EC(Electronic Commerce:電子商取引)

EDI(Electronic Data Interchange:電子情報交換)

EEPROM(Electrical Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory)

EPROM(Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory)

ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning:企業資源管理)

ESD(ElectroStatic Discharge:静電気放電)破壊

EVM(Earned Value Management)

EV(Earned Value:出来高)


FIFO(First In First Out:先入先出)方式

FLOPS(FLoating-point Operations Per Second)

FTP(File Transfer Protocol)

FTTH(Fiber To The Home)


GIF(Graphics Interchange Format)

GPL(General Public License)

GUI(Graphical User Interface)


HDD(Hard Disk Drive)

HTML(HyperText Markup Language)

HTTP(HyperText Transfer Protocol)


IaaS(Infrastracture as a Service)

ICMP(Internet Control Message Protocol)

IDS(Intrusion Detection System:侵入検知システム)

IEEE(Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

IMAP(Internet Message Access Protocol)

IPS(Intrusion Prevention System:侵入防御システム)

IP(Internet Protocol)

ISDN(Integrated Services Digital Network)

ISMS(Information Security Management System:情報セキュリティマネジメントシステム)

ISO(International Organization for Standardization)


JCL(Job Control Language:ジョブ制御言語)

JIS(Japanese Industrial Standards:日本工業規格)

JPEG(Joint Photographic Experts Group)

JSP(Java Server Pages)


KGI(Key Goal Indicator:重要目標達成指標)

KPI(Key Performance Indicator:重要業績評価指標)


LAMP(Linux Apache MySQL PHP)

LAN(Local Area Network)

LFU(Least Frequently Used)方式

LIFO(Last In First Out:後入先出)方式

LRU(Least Recently Used)方式


MAC(Media Access Control)アドレス

MD5(Message Digest Algorithm 5)

MIMD(Multiple Instruction Multiple Data)

MIME(Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension)

MIPS(Million Instructions Per Second)

MISD(Multiple Instruction Single Data)

MPEG(Moving Picture Experts Group)

MRP(Material Requirements Plunning:資材所要量計画)

MTBF(Mean Time Between Failure(s):平均故障間隔)

MTTR(Mean Time To Repair:平均復旧時間)


NAPT(Network Address Port Translation)

NAS(Network Attached Storage)

NAT(Network Address Translation)

NIC(Network Interface Card)

NTP(Network Time Protocol)


OCR(Optical Character Reader)

OMR(Optical Mark Reader)

OSI(Open System Interconnection)基本参照モデル

OSS(Open Source Software:オープンソースソフトウェア)

OS(Operating System)


PaaS(Platform as a Service)

PCM(Pulse Code Modulation)

PDCA(Plan Do Check Act)サイクル

PKI(Public Key Infrastructure:公開鍵基盤)

PMBOK(Project Management Body Of Knowledge)

PNG(Portble Network Graphics)

POP3(Post Office Protocol Version 3)

POS(Point Of Sales:販売時点管理システム)

PPM(Product Portfolio Management:プロダクトポートフォリオマネジメント)

PROM(Programmable Read Only Memory)

PV(Planned Value:計画値)


RADIUS(Remote Authentication Dial In User Service)

RAID(Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks)

RAM(Random Access Memory)

RARP(Reverse Address Resolution Protocol)

RASIS(Reliability Availability Serviceability Integrity Security)

RDB(Relational DataBase:関係データベース)

RFC(Request For Change:変更要求)

RFID(Radio Frequency IDentification:無線ICタグ)

RFI(Request For Information:情報提供依頼書)

RFP(Request For Proposal:提案依頼書)

RISC(Reduced Instruction Set Computer)

ROA(Return On Assets:総資産利益率)

ROE(Return On Equity:自己資本利益率)

ROI(Return On Investment:投資利益率)

ROM(Read Only Memory)

RSA(Rivest Shamir Adleman)暗号


SaaS(Software as a Service)

SCM(Supply Chain Management:サプライ・チェーン・マネジメント)

SGML(Standard Generalized Markup Language)

SHA(Secure Hash Algorithm)

SIMD(Single Instruction Multiple Data)

SISD(Single Instruction Single Data)

SLA(Service Level Agreement:サービスレベル合意)

SLM(Service Level Management:サービスレベル管理)

SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)

SOAP(Simple Object Access Protocol)

SOA(Service Oriented Architecture:サービス指向アーキテクチャ)

SQL(Structured Query Language)

SRAM(Static Random Access Memory)

SSD(Solid State Drive)

SSL(Secure Socket(s) Layer)

SWOT(Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat)分析


TA(Technology Architecture:技術体系)

TCO(Total Cost of Ownership:総保有コスト)

TCP(Transmission Control Protocol)

TLS(Transport Layer Security)

TOC(Theory of Constraints:制約条件理論)

TPM(Trusted Platform Module)


UDP(User Datagram Protocol)

UML(Unified Modeling Language:統一モデリング言語)

URL(Uniform Resource Locator)

USB(Universal Serial Bus)


VLIW(Very Long Instruction Word)

VPN(Virtual Private Network)


W3C(World Wide Web Consortium)

WAF(Web Application Firewall)

WAN(Wide Area Network)

WBS(Work Breakdown Structure)

WWW(World Wide Web)


XML(eXtensible Markup Language:拡張可能なマーク付け言語)